Thank you so much for supporting us in preparing for our first child!

Some things you should know:

1. DON’T feel obligated to get us a gift! A card or letter with a blessing or kind words would mean just us much, if not more, to us. Truly.

2. Our biggest needs right now are for a car seat and cloth diapers, all of which are on our registry.

3. Our registry is at under the names Tasha Gentile or Micah Gentile. Some of the items are registered at a local store called Eco Chic in Vacaville. We did this because we want to support their small business and like the community they have built. Good news for you: you don’t need to pay for shipping because we can just pick it up in the store. Please indicate that the purchase is for Tasha’s Baby Registry in the comments/notes. And if you accidentally pick the wrong color or brand, they are very kind about letting us switch at the store. There are some items that are not on their website so you can also call them at 707.624.6168 to purchase something from our complete registry if you prefer that or just walk in the store and pick it out yourself.

4. We would LOVE to receive homemade items. If you are so inclined, a list of suggested items is below. We’d also love to receive any children’s books that you love or recommend.

5. The gender is a surprise! Sorry if that bursts your bubble. Neutral colors like white, green, orange, yellow, and red are great solutions. Also, animal prints are fun too. We also won’t be devastated if we end up with a newborn boy in a pink onesie or a newborn girl in a blue diaper. They won’t remember 😉

We are so thankful for this blessing and for amazing friends and family around us to support us!

Thank you!!

Homemade gift ideas:

  • clothes, blankets, shoes, hats, towels, infant leg warmers
  • cloth diapers and accessories such as wet bags and cloth wipes
  • scrapbook for their first year
  • nursing cover
  • nursing pads
  • toys and dolls

What do you think?

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