As a licensed and certified direct entry midwife, I can provide complete prenatal, labor and postpartum care for normal, healthy pregnancies. I offer the same lab tests that you will receive from a hospital or clinic. I can perform most labs in my office, such as blood tests and the gestational diabetes screening. I can provide Rhogam for RH negative women as well. Ultrasounds and tests involving ultrasounds would be referred to the hospital.

Prenatal appointments are roughly one hour and occur monthly until 28 weeks. From 28-36 weeks we will meet every two weeks. Around 34-36 weeks we will have a home visit to become familiar with your future birthing location. After 36 weeks we will meet weekly until the baby arrives. Each prenatal appointment includes a urine “test”, checking vitals, measuring growth and listening to the baby via doppler or fetoscope. The majority of the appointment is focused on discussing how you and your family are doing and providing education on ways to have a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I will be on call for your baby’s birth from 37-42 weeks. When you are in labor I will come to your house along with my birth team and my birthing equipment. Some of the equipment I bring with me to births include a doppler, neonatal resuscitation gear, IV supplies and medications to prevent or stop hemorrhage. I also carry herbs, tools and techniques to help with different discomforts. I do not carry pain medications for labor. Although tearing is not as common at home, I can repair 1st or 2nd degree tears at home.

Once your baby is born the birth team will help you transition into motherhood with your new baby by monitoring you vitals, blood loss, birth of the placenta, helping you eat, rest, assisting with breastfeeding, and performing a complete newborn exam on the baby to ensure it is healthy. We also monitor the baby closely. We can provide the newborn eye prophylaxis and Vitamin K shot. We stay with your family for at least 3 hours to ensure you and baby are stable before assisting with clean up and departing so you can enjoy some rest and quality time as a family. I am available by phone 24/7 for any issues that might arrive between my departure and your next appointment.

We will come back to check on you and your baby at home  within 24 hours of the birth. We assess your vitals, your bleeding, breastfeeding and your baby’s vitals and overall health. We can perform the Newborn Metabolic Screen at home at this time as well. I will be available for any questions or concerns via phone  between our appointments. Postpartum appointments in the office will be scheduled for 2 and 6 weeks postpartum. At the 6 week appointment we will do a final check in and check up and can provide a complete physical, PAP smear, and/or birth control education.


birth poolI have an inflatable birth tub that can be rented for $125. If you desire to use the tub during the birth, I will drop off the tub and supplies at our home visit around 34-36 weeks. I will provide thorough instructions on assembly. Each client receives a new tub liner and the tub is thoroughly disinfected after every use to ensure a completely sanitary experience. I will pick up the tub at your 24hr postpartum visit. To reserve the birth tub, please contact me.



I use a Christian based curriculum that teaches the physiology behind pregnancy and birth, the labor process, pain coping/comfort techniques, and how to rely on God for your birth. If you are not a christian, and are not interested in this portion of the teaching I can edit it out. However, I do find this a crucial aspect to having peace throughout birth, whatever your religious background.

I have taught full 8 week courses (one 2-3hour session once a week) for a class and one on one classes that can be range from a few hours to a whole day depending on your needs. I currently do not have any classes scheduled. When I do they will be posted here and on the home page. Please check the resources page for other Childbirth Educators on Kodiak.

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